1. Where are you?
2. The still light of nothingness.
3. A constant stream of useless information.
4. Sleep.
5. System Addict.



Government warning!

︎︎ Get out, it’s not safe here.︎︎

    ︎︎︎︎SCROLL DOWN TO STAY.


Scroll until your thumb hurts.

Where am I?
Orange and blue versions of the same thing. 
Concrete islands and pink ripples. Let down by technology. 

Agitprop. Narcissistic tendencies. Self serving artists.


All of the above are dead links to dead sites.

Why do you never message me back?

A.I. has no emotion.

Meta is the future. All hail Zuckerberg. The next lockdown will be easier. Life lived through Occlus headsets with virtual hug technology.™️ 
Do you stream? 


Take a look at me
Wired to a machine
I never would believe it
This can't be happening

Boxes that go beep

Little lights that leap

Tapping on a keyboard

What's happening to me?

And when the electricity

Starts to flow

The fuse that's on my sanity

Got to blow

System addict

I never can get enough

System addict

Never can give it up, oh, no

Where/when will this end?
Terrible scenes.

Cold North Sea will devour. I for one can’t wait.